Who We Are

Project 3H Foundation

We are a Charity Organisation dedicated to creating Hope, Health & Home for the less privileged people in every society in different countries.

We aim to alleviate and eradicate the suffering of people around the world through various project that will add value to family life. We will endeavour to create a real Hope where its lacking, through re-education and professional trainings to make people self sufficient, we assist people to live well by providing good Health programes and supply of medication in the rural areas in Africa and other continents. We are dedicated to lower the childbirth mortality rate in sub sahara Africa, create good home for destitutes and street child that are homeless in the major cities of the world.

We believe that:
“where there is HOPE to live,
there should be good HEALTH programme
that will create a comfortable HOME for happiness”.

How can we help?


Hope is a feeling of expectation and desire for a particular thing to happen, a feeling of trust, a believe of a better days, of an achievement. When this is lost it has to be rekindled or re-instilled. Project 3H Foundation is dedicated to empower vision; for anyone, anywhere.


Health is the ability to adapt and self manage in the face of social, physical, and emotional challenges. This to many people around the world is out of reach. The relationship of emotion and health is gaining more solid scientific ground in these past few decades. Emotional training that improves emotional intelligence and social skills was showed to lead to better quality of life, hence our projects to improve the health conditions of people that has no means to good health.


There’s no place like it. As we journey through life dodging the occasional hurdles that life throws at us daily, we look forward to go to a place of rest, a place we feel loved and can give back love, an abode were we can call "my corner", a place of belonging were our peace is achieved in reunion with family if there is , a place of tranquil "A Home"

Our Vision

Project 3H Foundation is with a Vision that everyone in poverty, illness and or homelessness deserve good quality care and support for a better and dignify living condition in their enviroment or in the place of their choice.

Our core value is putting families first in the fight to reduce or eradicate poverty. Project 3H Foundation plans to develop, expand and raise funds for this projects.

Our key objectives over the next few years include:

  • Aliviating and eradicating poverty in all nations, at the right time.

  • Providing good health programmes in different communities

  • Providing and improving the quality of Water supply in the communities where they are lacking.

  • Providing and surporting educational programmes and training materials at all levels.

Immediate Plans:

    • Research and development to improve the quality of life care for children and vunerables.

    • Being better known and understood

    • Helping communities build better local care and Stronger foundations for education and maternity care.

    • Increasing the money we raise to fund our projects

    • Growing our volunteer support

    • Improving our efficiency and effectiveness, while always demonstrating value for money.

Become A Volunteer

When ‘Hope’ is restored into lives, quality ‘Health’ becomes inevitable and a good ‘Home’ changes just about everything.